Scholarship Committee

The Naples RoundtableTM endeavors to identify solid scholarship from the new generation of full time academics and reward that scholarship by bringing attention to their work to the mainstream patent community through publicity, for example, through awards.

The Scholarship Committee is tasked with identifying full time academic rising stars based upon their recent scholarship manifested by their writings and their leadership in public policy debates such as testimony before Congress or Administrative Agencies.  Favorable consideration of the writings will be manifested by unique positions such as providing solid scholarship differentiating itself from standard ways of thinking, e.g., historical research into Supreme Court and overseas case law that permits a different approach to current issues; and policy positions supported by solid research that differentiates itself from “common knowledge” within current scholarly writings.   Empirical studies will be considered as part of larger scholarship, while merely having a junior colleague “run numbers” will have lesser weight.

As a first step, the Scholarship Committee will welcome submission of scholarly papers and testimony from within the past five years.  It is contemplated that the Naples RoundtableTM will recognize such scholarship with appropriate awards and prizes.

Michael R. Dzwonczyk. Chair